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Who are you to visit my web site?

The idea behind this Web site is to introduce you to the breeds of goat you'll find in the UK.

If you're thinking of keeping a goat, I hope the information here helps you decide which one would suit you best. I'm not trying to explain everything to you, I don't have the expertise or experience to do that.


I hope you take my information as a starting point and follow the links I've put in place. I hope you contact existing goat keepers and benefit from their knowledge and enthusiasm. I hope you decide to keep goats.

If you already keep goats or perhaps you represent a Breed Society, if there's something here that you think should be changed (or added!); give me shout at editor @ goatbreeds.org.uk. I won't mind, honestly. I don't profess to be an expert, just a novice on a hopeful journey to competency.

Books for Goat Keepers

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